Saturday, August 25, 2012

For you ZeeklerHeads who fell for this idiotic program. Lesson learned I hope. I also hope that those who "invested" in this mess over past couple of months are able to recover some of their money. Going forward, learn that you cannot get something for nothing, that if a company's program or business model is < 10 years old, if its executives come from out of nowhere, if they are not creating and marketing products that are needed by the marketplace and instead are selling something that is NOT needed by regular folks (and therefore involves spending money on crap one really would not buy or use in the normal course of their life), run, don't walk away. Over-hyped garbage touted by "gurus" is always going to be crap.
ZeekRewards Handed Over To Receiver; What's Next For Investors? - Forbes
The receiver appointed in the ZeekRewards took control of the operation and looks to recover and preserve any assets tied to the company.

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